Do you use Forex Rebates Services?

It can save you a lot of money to trade forex, anyone using it?:33:

Hi, there are many rebates sites, it works in this way:

clients sign up a Broker via Rebates IB, then, IB pay certain part of the incomes back to clients.

this is a good way to save your spreads

Do you accept Hotforex broker? What’s % of rebate and period of hold?

Hi, yes, we have HotForex, 0.5pips rebates, send out monthly , can send to your skrill or webmoney

yeah i used it .it was very helpful if we registered under a rebate services.
i remembered when i opened an Tickmill account with a famous international rebate services and deposited $50
even in trading i got margin called . however i am in break even because i am already withdraw some money and trade with profit only
because of rebate services, i got around $25 dollars for closing 25lot

yeah Tickmill ECN Account rebates offered by that rebate service is small. around $1-1.5 per lot. but i think it is normal because an ECN broker like Tickmill has a very tight spreads with low commisions

hello guys, did that mean we have to become IBs or registed via ref link in order to get back our money.
and is it an exactly amount of money or each offer different rebate?

yes, you need to use a refer link

I use, but not a company, I normally find a good IB with several existed clients and opened through his link

you are right, no need to find a company, mostly, individual IBs can send much higher rebates to you.

Some one did not understand the rebates system, it won’t add your cost, it will reduce, the broker pay part of the spreads to IBs, then, IBs send part of them to you, up to 90%

Do you have a website that has a list of brokers you are partnering with? I use numerous brokers and would like to compare.

And if you don’t have a broker I am trading with, are the rebates not available?

There’s one born every minute

I have used Vantage FX 10% rebate credit which works as rebate. For each lot you trade on Standard STP account you will get $2 rebate back into your trading account. I like the fact that its transparent and you can see exactly how much funds has been paid into your trading account. Once you run out of 10% rebate credit I would recommend to switch to RAW ECN account and get even lower spreads. Pretty good and transparent rebate solution.

i start using the fx rebate hedgetradingsystem , they says that never stop.

I use it for sure. But you have to know how much rebate offered from your broker.
Different brokers offer different.

Sorry for so long a time, I have not been here for years, here is our site:

Hope it was not too late :smiley: