Do you want to see pips? Check this out!

I’m not sure if anyone wants to see BIG PIPS - I just thought it was interesting.

So - if anybody is awake right now - go and open you trading platform and open the 1 minute Gold chart!


Actually - on second thought - don’t bother - false alarm. I had the 1 minute chart up and it just looked impressive.

Sorry - Admin - please feel free to delete this thread as well.



You didn’t do so bad. If you were a gun slinger, you would have won that one.

When I was young at forex, I placed a trade on the 5min chart thinking it was the day chart. Realizing my mistake, I then removed the minute charts from view. If I needed them I would have to do something different to view them. Then just the next week I was heavy in losses and the chart had not moved. You guessed it, the month chart. What was the word I used? Oh yea, F**k. Man was I angry.

Just take a deep breath and relax, you will do well.