Does all brokers work with CFDs?

I would ask if all brokers work with CFDs ( Contract For Differences) or there is brokers who really buy and sell Currencies … and how the FX markets affect markets if traders aren’t buy or sell any currencies and thank you

Big international companies and banks buy and sell actual currency. Some of this is just speculation but the companies involved need foreign currencies to supply their products and services across borders.

Private retail forex traders like you and me are just betting on exchange rate movements between two designated currencies with our brokers. Neither the broker nor you and me will ever handle any foreign currency.

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So how FX markets affects on markets

A basic principle is that if a currency becomes more expensive to buy (using other currencies), the products paid for with that currency also become therefore more expensive, so that country’s stock market will probably fall as buyers will go elsewhere for the products or they will reduce their orders.

This is a simple picture but the effect can often be seen - if the USD rises, the Dow falls.

I mean how retail forex traders affects currencies value if they aren’t buy or sell any of these currencies ?

Our brokers can give buy and sell quotes which are different from other brokers. Same as two businesses can offer the same product or service at two different prices. Forex is a de-centralised market so there is no “official” definitive price for anything.

There is no volatility i.e. trading opportunities if currencies are not exchanged. Most online brokers regulated in FCA or Cyprus offer trading via CFDs