Does any forex broker offer bonus?

GiGFX has a $25 welcome bonus but the withdraw conditions are a bit harsh.

Real Trade is now offering a 35% bonus (until 15 December 2013). Well, you cannot withdraw it but it boosts your trading power.

Yes almost all good brokers offer bonus. there are different types of bonus as start up bonus , no deposit bonus etc You can choose as your needs meet with any brokers . See other terms and conditions to use this bonus and start work with them.

Becareful with bonuses. They expose your account to more risk. Always trade on your available capital.

Bonuses are leveraging cash you don’t have. Good for the broker they make more cash as transaction costs are linked to lot size but you end up risking more of your account. If you were set to risk 10% of your account and someone offered a 50% bonus you would now riak 15% of your account even the reward will be greater the extra risk exposes your account by 5% extra hence affecting drawdown.

Not good…


By searching on Google, you can easily find and one more thing before choose any broker check reviews,reputation,customer services etc


There have so many brokers who offering the bonus; just request: please read the terms & conditions very carefully before using their live trading service.

I have searched for but I found only broker that offers 100 usd without any stringent conditions.

Are you talking about no deposit bonus or anything else?

Yes, it’s a no deposit bonus.

What broker is that?

Then please stay away; basically market maker brokers offer this kind of bonus. When you have a good trading skill, small trading capital is not an issue actually.

I used to trade with Hotforex credit bonus, it worked well for news trades as it enhanced the buying power of my equity, but later I switched to scalping since events trading is very stressful, not every trader can withstand emotional pressure.

It’s Forexchief broker. That is what am using currently. Am not sure if I can meet up with the lot requirements before I deposit my own funds.

I would worry about the fine print that states you can’t take money out of the account. I’m sure they can come up with many novel ways to say you can’t take money out because it’s not your money.

There are so many broker offer bonus even deposit bonus and no deposit bonus, indeed almost them is bucket shop broker, but as long as still okey and we can take benefit from it, hence we can start trading with bonus, I am ever trying bonus from XM and also FBS and Instaforex

The thing is; you can trade with the bonuses and withdraw the profits from the trades. But brokers vary with their conditions when it comes to bonus offer.
I would advise you go through these before you start with them and don’t use bonuses as the sole factor of selecting a broker.

Which bonus are you looking for guys? Bonus for subscription? Who will bear the costs? Unfortunately it is you and the costs are increased risk associated with high leverage. Is it so difficult to understand true meaning of this marketing trick?

I don’t think so. I have used several bonuses from brokers. The no deposit bonus does not come with increased risk, since you did not deposit any more. I have also tried that of Forexchief $100 no deposit bonus and I selected what leverage to trade with. I think the increased risk you talk about has to do with deposit bonuses; that bonus look a bit messy.

Agree but you know their volume requirement to withdraw bonus sometimes is impossible to meet. You just waste time on this hunting for free money.

xm. com offers bonus