Does any forex broker offer bonus?

Does any forex broker offer bonus?

i need someone to pls recommend a good forex broker that gives bonus

i know of a great broker that gives a bonus of $5 to trade with straight away but i need 5 posts to be able to post a link so i’ll post again when can

Lot’s of Forex brokers offer bonuses. Some of them are fake, some are not. IMHO i think, that only the ones, who don’t have anything good to offer, give out free money. This is cheap. A good broker, will not offer you a bonus, since they offer quality services. Imagine BMW or AUDI offering you a 5k euro bonus, when you are buying their car.

I can see where your comming from, the broker i reffering too was RoboForex - 24x5 Online Forex Trading | Currency Trading Broker take alook at their site. they offer quality sevices and a great platform to trade with. i have been using them for a while now and i am very pleased with them


you can get good list of brokers at forexbrokers dot com

I think you will make more money if you learn trading and not if you chase some bonus.


true, but

the no deposit bonuses are good for testing the site, to see how well it fairs without risking you own cash

For site testing it´s ok. But if you are serious I guess you will learn more about trading if you trade with your own money.

PLUS 500

Probably scam tho. Be very careful.

You should be very cautious about these bonuses. Either the company is scaming people and bait with the bonus, or they are just no good and have nothing else to offer. As i have mentioned above, a good broker, won’t be throwing free money in your face. As we all know, there’s no such thing as free money :slight_smile: So be very very cautious.

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thanks guys am so grateful, i will share the ones i found in a moment


Well Deltastock is offering a 50 EUR / 65 USD / 100 BGN ‘give away’ or ‘free money’ or whatever you want to call it i.e. no deposit required and you can withdraw your profits (as well as a part of the bonus depending on a certain number of trades) (for the month of March 2011 anyway).

My ‘title’ aside (I dont’ ‘work’ for the broker but only offer technical support): I’m ‘on the fence’ when it comes to these types of things. Yes: it’s a good way to attract clients for sure. Yes: it’s a good way to ‘get your feet wet’ with a live trading account as opposed to a demo trading account. Is it ‘cheap’ advertising??? That’s where I’m ‘on the fence’ really i.e. ‘undecided’ is probably the word to use. I mean you don’t see the likes of Lind-Waldock offering ‘bonuses’ but then again we’re talking FOREX trading here so the ‘rules’ are a bit different of course (I guess).

But you know what: whichever ever way you ‘slice it’ it’s ‘free money’ and certainly better than demo trading. I’ll say this though: I think the only way that you can ‘filter’ the ‘scam’ bonuses from the ‘real’ bonuses is by looking at the amount of ‘bonus’ offered in relation to the minimum lot size that is tradeable. In other words (and this I know from experience having taken Plus500 up on their ‘bonus’ offer some time ago): the ‘bonus’ was $20 at the time (I’m not sure if this has changed as I’ve not looked today but I saw Plus500 mentioned in an earlier post). Well here’s the thing: there is absolutely NO way that you can trade ANY of the instruments that they offer with $20 while managing risk no matter on WHICH timeframe you trade. So that can (to me anyway) mean only one thing i.e. they know this and they’re 100% sure that NOBODY is going to be able to make a profit out of that $20 ‘free money’ (and of course hope that after losing the $20 you’re going to fund your account with your own money). Sorry: I’m not going out of my way to ‘knock’ Plus500 I assure you i.e. they are mentioned purely for the reason that they’ve already been mentioned on this thread and after ‘doing the math’ (and alright: the reviews they’ve received on FPA aren’t helping them much either but that’s beside the point really). With a bonus such as that which Deltastock is currently offering (and has offered before) it is indeed possible to trade ‘correctly’ i.e. it’s possible even with such a small amount of money to manage risk and trade CERTAIN instruments albeit on shorter timeframes. I guess what I’m saying is that the Plus500 example is a classic example of being ‘undercapitalised’ if that makes sense and as I said my purpose is not to ‘knock’ them here (hell I know of brokers that offer a $5 bonus with minmum lot sizes of 1 000 units or a micro-lot. That’s not even enough to open a position let alone let it go against you for a pip or two ALTHOUGH the same broker to which I refer offers 500:1 leverage)!!! And no: Deltastock is not the only one to have offered ‘decent’ or ‘realistic’ promotions such as this i.e. I know for a fact that FXDD, a long time ago anyway, ‘gave away’ $100 with a minimum lot size of 1 000 units or a micro-lot. Again: this was tradeable. I know of another crowd that ‘gave away’ 100 GBP too. Same thing i.e. it was tradeable (although they were a futures broker so you were very limited in what you could trade).

But, as I advised somebody else the other day, it depends on whether you want to ‘gamble’ or learn to trade. The other way of looking at these things is to simply margin the entire account out and ‘hope for the best’!!! LOL!!! It’s ‘free money’ so if you lose it then you’ve really lost nothing. On the other hand you may get ‘lucky’ and catch a nice move and end up with $1 000!!! LOL!!! ‘Never say never’!!! LOL!!!




I could successfully get 50 euro bonus from Admiral Market

link here : Admiral Markets 50 Euro Forex Bonus - Latest Forex Bonus For 2011

I have also used Admiral Markets bonus. I think as an emerging global broker with EU license(MIFID) it can be trusted at least for free bonus account

TradeFort is great for newbie traders…they have low spreads and from time to time they offer free no-deposit bonus real money to help newbie traders get started with on live account. Their trading platform is great too! Fast order execution and no freezing of platform at any time. Now TradeFort is give 5$ no deposit bonus for all new clients.

AVAfx is offering bonus up to $1,200. Check it here : AvaTrade

I guess most forex companies/brokers offer bonuses, some are signup bonuses some are deposit, and many many more. its a way to attract more client of course, I trade with hotforex they offer a 50% bonus upon deposit, but i guess there is also option for the 30% bonus. not sure, since I don’t usually take advantage of bonuses :slight_smile: it messes up my game plan :slight_smile:

but in general you can make money out of these bonuses but its a lot better not to focus on them too much :slight_smile: cheers.

I’ve traded with a few no deposit bonuses and it’s a great way to start. But not all companies will allow you to withdraw the profits of course;) Check out here for No deposit forex bonuses and you can find a lot of information on which brokers pay out and which will scam you.

A good broker with a bonus? LOL! I just know bucket shops who offer a bonus. A proftable trader needs no bonus and a good broker needs no losers who dream they get a bonus, so what is the reason for a bonus other than bait for the losing crowd?

Yes jingoy, I am also agree with your view on bonus in forex trading. These are bonus and all traders do not deserve for it, so more concentration on real money is much better. Even I use same trading strategies for both.