Does any one trade with iraqi dinar

Hey does you belong to iraq. Please contact me

whats the scoop? Did it revalue? Im holding physical paper

No I never trade in this currency . Usually my trading focus is on major currency pairs . I feel difficulty to understand uncommon trading pairs. Major currencies support traders in analysis , spread and good market conditions. That is why most of the trading is done in them.

Why invest in Iraqi Dinar?
Iraqi Dinar is the hottest investment opportunity of this decade. In the past, the Iraqi Dinar was worth $3.20 USD and the oil reserves in Iraq are worth over $11 trillion. All indications are that there will soon be a sharp rise in the value of Iraqi Dinar. Oil prices have a significant effect on the value of the currency, and there is always instability in oil prices. Iraq is expected to be one of the top oil producers in the world in the next decade.
Just remember, if you are investing in Dinar, you are investing in your future. If you buy Iraqi Dinar now, you will reap lifelong benefits.

I think most people have no idea or a hard time to get their hands on the Iraqi Dinar. There are, let’s say, more efficient ways to earn a return by trading forex.