Does anybody trade with Interbank-Fx?

Hi all, I’m a newbie, I’m looking for a good broker, I’ve searched with google and found Interbank FX(Interbank FX - Currency Trading, Forex Trading, Online Currency Trading)
I have tried their system, which is MetaTrader4, found it not too bad, and I found here by chance when downloading a signal add-on, I wonder if anybody here trade with interbankfx, and if yes, is it good? Will the money be safe? Is there any problem in the platform?

Thanks in advance.

some body who is using it may help him please. as far as i know i think its ok as they offer micro lots and that is too good for new traders but i have not used it that is why cant comment

In their Home page Interbank list the following services:
Professional Charting, No Dealing Desk, 2 pip Euro*
Standard, Mini & Micro Lots Full Hedging & Trailing Stops Real Time News.

The No Dealer Desk is a false claim, they clear through another dealer desk and I believe Interbank to be guilty of practicing the following:

�Re-quoting or Re-ordering� this is when the broker rejects your buy/sell order and sends you an alternate price in favor of the broker

�Stop Loss Hunting � looking for clients stop losses and manipulating prices in order to kick clients out of trades

�Lagging market prices reflected in their charting

�Increasing spreads or freezing their trading platforms during times of high volume such as just before or right after an economic announcement

�Hedging �You� � the broker actively opening a trade position against your open position (often done when the broker can�t decide what side of the trade they want to be on).

I have filed complains both with the NFA and the CFTC and I suggest that all those that have been cheated by these crooks do so also.

Their violations are flagrant and only by making then public and enough people filing complains with both of these agencies the regulators may be able to investigate and tear them apart.