Does anyone ever have this problem?

so I’m trying to develop myself into a swing trader so i don’t have to sit in front of my computer all day and stare at the screen. I have about a year under my belt of trading and at this point i would say the psychological side is my weak part. spotting trades and ideas to take isn’t what I’m struggling with. taking the trade isn’t what I’m struggling with either. staying in the trade and keeping them open is my problem. a lot of the trades i take i aim for 200-400 pips and some even more. when I’m in the trade i always watch it and see it pull back and then sometimes i take my self out. Once i take myself i look at the pair the next day or two days and see it made the complete move and if i just didn’t touch it would of completed.

I think a solution to this is once i get in the trade only watch the daily chart so i can’t see these moves…
Anyone else struggle with this? I feel like this is the only the only thing holding me back from succeeding in trading.

**this is my second post since i opened my live account. the first post i said i was over trading on 15min or 30 min chart. i haven’t done that since the first week of my live account and can say I’m getting a little more discipline in that area. so def seeing some progress in that area. **


Not struggling with that problem, no. I recommend to stick to your strategy if it works and try not to let emotions control your actions. Know what you are looking for and trade the charts. Trade what’s there and not what you want.