Does anyone has a tutorial on how to create EAs, please?

Hi guys,

I’m interested on creating my own EAs, and thought that you may have a nice PDF e-book or a link to a tutorial/guide on how to build and test my own EAs from scratch. :slight_smile:

I’ve found some at Google, but you may have better ones, that’s why I’m asking.

Thank you for all your help. :slight_smile:

If you do not know MQL… then just use a builder application such as ( FOREX ROBOT BUILDER - Free ea generator. It�s a start until you learn how to program… that is if you don�t already know.

If you want to learn (assuming you don�t know MQL) you could go to ( MQL4 Tutorial this is about the only decent resource out there!

For those lucky people trading GFT Dealbook, we have a full charting studio complete with tutorial and even a forum to discuss your programming problems.

Thro this I have learnt how to program some complex indicators and am studying the material for creating your own automatic trading program.

You can write your own EA with Dealbook and not only that, the stuff is compatible with MT4!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ya… I’ve played with Dealbook sometime ago! It was an interesting setup… I�m trying to remember why I didn�t go there!!! At the time I don�t think you could interact with MT4! I’ll have to go and take a look at what has happened with it since! What language is it based on??? Visual Basic?

I just went to GFT… are you referring to using CTLDLL to run EAs in DealBook 360??? So if someone wanted to use GFT they would need to pay an additional $45 AUD for the ability to run EAs… Honestly, I find that a little strange since a lot of EAs are scalper based (MegaDroid, EuroBlaster…) and adding to the overall time of execution doesn�t sound too interesting to me! I needed to go to GFTs site to remember why I didn�t open an account… it was the platform! Everything else sounded great… if they would only switch to MT!!!

Here is what GFT said about running EA’s in Dealbook…

"My name is ##### from the Dealbook Help Desk. I am responding to your question about Strategy Runner and Expert Advisor. Strategy Runner works in conjunction with the platform the Expert Advisor is being run on, such as Meta Trader 4.

Strategy Runner alone does not run the Expert Advisor, only intercepts the trade signals from the platform, MT4, that the Expert Advisor is being run on. The intercepted trade signal is then placed as a Market Order on the associated GFT account. If you have any additional questions, I am willing to assist. "

Nice tips, Rengoku. Thanks ! =)

hello guys…
i have had a formula in AmiBroker which gives me a bit of prediction of the market…
i want to build an EA based on that formula in MetaTrader…
is it possible and how?
i want ma account to auto trade according to the formula in AmiBroker…
can anyone help me out with the codes and how to set these up???
i would also like to inform that m not a programmer…
pls do luk into this…

how much money should push a new account on Forex?

[QUOTE=“bogard;759872”]how much money should push a new account on Forex?[/QUOTE]

How much money are you willing to loose?