Does anyone know about the Zig Zag indicator?

Good day

I have started to put this simple but effective system together using Zig Zag indicator, although, this is the kicker, I have not been using the defaults when you choose it I have changed a few bits and pieces, but would like to ask if anyone could maybe tell me what the properties are for them ie . what is ExtDepth, ExtDeviation and ExtBackstep, preferably the first and last one what do they mean.

I would really appreciate the effort ad help here and as soon as I have figured this out I will share this with everyone though

Thanks so much for the help in advance


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There’s a great community of coders and system enthusiasts; you’re likely to get a quick response.

Also feel free to open a thread (here or there) describing your system, could help alot of people :slight_smile:


12,5,3 is the default setting of Zig-Zag indictor that is provided with the MT4 platform. That is ExtDepth(12), ExtDeviation(5) and ExtBackstep(3)


Thanks for the info, I was actually asking though, what does extdepth mean, and extdeviation and extbackstep, so if I change the property from 12 to example 5 what am I changing on the chart though etc?