Does anyone know this traning course?

Does anyone know about Electro FX traning course?
I signed up to the free members part, were it teaches the basics of forex. Theres now 3 VIP memberships of varying, what seems like reasonable, prices. Electro FX get really good reviews on FPA but was wondering if anyone here had head any good reviews about it.
Would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks

sorry Mate i have no experience about this but sounds really good if positive response in FPA. hope everything will be helpful knowledgeable. Good luck

Thanks Neil Kruger

Thanks for the info but I am hearing about it for the first time. I didn’t know it. I will check it out.

No idea on it! But, don’t be over-excited mate; because as I see, maximum paid courses are meaningless; even BabyPips school is much valuable than the paid courses.

generally we the traders don’t believe any paid courses , because we found practically most of them as a scam , its really tough to recommend without using practically.

there is not much different between paid and free courses , its all about psychology , nothing without it at all. go through if you have free or paid.

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This makes interesting reading - maintained and written by an ex stock conman.
Very thorough, objective and entertaining.

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Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

Yeah there seems to be a lot of scams out there…one glance at Trading school org revels a ton of them…but he does recommend one or two. :slight_smile:

Not really, actually have heard the name from you. However, you can check Babypips School for the naive traders and trust me it is quite good to acquire fundamental knowledge. And side by side try to practice with demos.

Not heard of it but please report back here if it works well for you.

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yes i’ll do that

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Always welcome mate! Have a great weekend.

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welcome , without using practically i request please dont recommend at any thing, in online right now most of the things are found to be scams., so be careful and always in cool mind.

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scam is everywhere , no way to avoid , but for newcomers baby pips school is more better than any paid course. should go through this forum.

Thank You Very Much

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Are you looking for online or onsite training? I would say it is better to start from the available online resources. Somebody mentioned here BabyPips School and it is great place to take off. Usually all the live trainings are paid, so you need to go there with some understanding of what you need to learn and ask.

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Thanks…I must check out the baby pips course. But is there,or have you heard from anyone on here that is consistently profitable from the baby pips course? Just a question.
I’m not clueless when it comes to trading knowledge. I know it takes a lot of time to learn and yeah, we all know it’s even harder while holding down a full time job (but not impossible) I’ve been learning a little (on and off) ,watched heaps of videos and read one or two books but, I don’t yet feel 100% confident to pull the trigger.
I seem to be learning about new things every now and then and that makes me feel, if I’m still discovering new things, then I should take these in before I leap in.

My friend and I became interested in fx almost 3 years ago…I buried myself in trying to learn but he jumped straight in and, within a few months, blew over £18k.

I know I will lose money at some point and it’s part of the learning process and part of trading but I feel I need to be as well -equipped as possible…otherwise I feel I may as well just empty my wallet into the drain. :slight_smile: