Does anyone know where to get the Complimentary Robin Hood Forex Trading System?

I’ve been looking high and low for it and I can’t seem to find any information anywhere.

Can’t imagine why you’d want it, but as it’s being spammed all over currently, this is probably it: robinfx com/

It’s just another scam though as I’m sure you know

Ha Ha …funny :smiley:

I looked up on and this is the website info:

Patrick Hension

Registered through:, Inc. (Browser Update Page)
Domain Name: ROBINFX.COM

Domain servers in listed order:

For complete domain details go to:
Go Daddy - Search the WhoIs database

Now I’ve done this before with some success, which is to go to Low cost domain names, domain transfers, web hosting, email accounts, and so much more. ) and report’s spamming. They have the power to suspend that website. So if a whole bunch of us did that, we might see the end of this!

Sweet Pip, how come you always get the joke before anyone else? :smiley:

I’m not just another pretty face ya know…lol :wink:

Done and done.

I got it and I play with it, it is just as good or bad as many other line systems. I run it by itself and I run the same with the TRO system and compare.

I will see tonight to upload it on Rapidshare (15.5MB the whole download) then you can play with it yourself.

Have Fun

Uhmmm…[B]please don’t[/B]…no winky faces or rolly eyes…so thinking you’re not kidding…

The system is as good or as bad as any other that is posted in here. Nothing really special. A few stochastic lines that’s all. So if somebody thinks he get the “holly grail” Oh well, he will find out. As for the link, it is just a rapid and has nothing to do with the website itself, no advertisement or anything else.
it is a “take it or leave it deal” and curiosity, like anything else that is posted in here. Period. :slight_smile:

Well a system is a system…good or bad…lol

If you read between the lines, lavaman [B]isn’t[/B] asking for it…quite the opposite… as we all pretty much know by now where to get it. :rolleyes:

However, if you want to start a thread on it, give the rules and indicators and post charts with example trades, invite discussion, then go ahead.

We’re just trying to discourage the incessant barage of spammy posts …like 13 per day! :eek:


Well, I admit you got me on that.

I did think it really strange, the whole request, but i fell for it.

Very funny joke! :smiley:

If you get it from my Rapid then you bypass the website and your e-mail is not compromised either, therefore no spam from that end. Actually, I have to say so far I got no spam that would point to that website and if it happens then it goes into my spam block. Done :smiley:
So far, I looked back on the data to follow if it would work and it has it’s hits and its misses, don’t feel the need to start a thread in one way or a other.
Play with it (or not) while your regular system makes the millions. :slight_smile:
Happy Trading Oskar

Rapid is posted on public link, not on a premium account

It’s not about the system ( and if no one is asking for it, why would you want to share it :confused: ), or about getting personal spam from their website if I download whatever from there…[B]it’s about the daily spammy posts that get posted here on babypips with a link to their website[/B]…am I talking to a brick wall here?! :smiley:

UH OH…it’s back! :mad:

Did seem to work for a short time…guess gotta keep reporting it!

I wrote an EA for the Robin Hood system that uses two Stocastic indicators to decide when to buy and sell. Needless to say back testing showed that it lost money. So best if only used with good manual trading instinct to gude the trading decision. The back testing was only done on the recomended GBP/EUR currency pair.

It is possible that as this was my first EA’ coding project I did something wrong and when feeling better about EA’s will return and check it out.

The system came as a free extra after buying the Megadroid EA. This kind of adding additional bits to the product being sold makes me wonder if the product I am buying is actually any good at all especially when the service then goes on to tell me about the next all singing all dancing No.1 EA! with bonus EA’s if you buy this one.

Bonus EA’s means the one they are selling is probably rubish and have reduced the price so they can get some money actually other EA’s they promised to distribute. (I could be wrong on this but if they were any good would the distributers be giving them away free?)

I an convinced that the RHMS set of instructions do not work in the long run on their own merit.