Does anyone know why the FxPro SWAP costs for EURUSD are so high!?

Does anyone know why the FxPro SWAP costs for EURUSD are so high!!!???

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I mean the R/O or SWAP costs, why are they so high with FxPro in comparison to other brokers?

I need to discuss this with support my self. They say Pro is better but I do better trading elite. Been with FX choice for a few years. Every time I open a pro account even with a little drawdown they take from my account. Hardly ever happens with FX elite. First few times my account was blown it was Pro. As long as I go along with the trend in Elite I can have a lot of pairs open .01

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So what are your SWAP short EURUSD costs with your broker?

In forex trading, the swap fee is usually the rate that the exchange takes from their source, that is, the interbank system created, and thus, the swap rates will be almost the same in brokers around the world.
Don’t worry too much, because that’s the general fee.
Wish you good deals.

I meant to say FX classic Euro Buy the swap is -3.108 and short is +1.254
on Fx Choice pro its the same.

Your always as a new trader look at your swap before opening a trade. On mt trader 4 on your phone push on the forex symbol and then highlight the details and it will give you the swap details. Hope that helps.

Exactly, that is how it should be! But with FxPro, it’s not the case…they are in some cases 100-200% higher than with any other broker…
I have stopped trading with them because of this…

-1.0 on short
-4.7 on long

While most brokers are only negative on long…

What is up with FxPro jacking up these costs?!?! I just don’t get it!?

You should know, swap is set by the interbank. Therefore, when brokers take signals from interbank, most brokers will have the same swap price.
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I’ve seen FXPro’s SWAP Fees… outrageously high for European based traders…

No mention of SWAP charges and Your BROKER sets the SWAP fee… not the the InterBank …

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Normally, brokers will use the swap fee from the interbank data source, very rarely they interfere with it, unless the last oil price Down, brokers have to raise the swap fee.
About some types of free swap accounts of some exchanges for Muslim citizens. then that is their special account type.

Riiiiiight??? It’s ridiculous what FxPro charges on SWAP costs!!
I wonder if this is allowed?
Is the FCA OK with this rip off??

FxPro’s “swap” fee is high because they have to pay for their sponsorship fees to McLaren F1 Team and Yacht Club de Monaco. :joy:

The swap fee is what you’d pay to rollover an existing position in the spot FX market.

The funny thing is that with retail forex, you’re not really trading in the spot market but directly with your retail forex broker (or CFD provider).

So the swap or rollover fee can really be anything they want it to be since it’s all “made up”.

It’s better to think of this fee as the financing cost that your broker charges you for being able to keep a position open overnight.

For example, if you’re long one mini lot of EUR/USD, with max 30:1 leverage for retail traders, FxPro allowed you to open a $10,000 position with just $333.

You get access to “money” to increase your trading power that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Sounds great but the catch is if you don’t close your position within the same day, you’re going to get charged interest on the notional value of the position every day.

It’s another revenue stream for the broker.

Making money from the spread is great if your customers trade frequently, constantly opening and closing trades. But if they’re not, another way to make money from infrequent traders is to charge them interest on open positions.

(They also make money another way…being your counterparty, but that’s a topic for another day.)

Looking at FxPro’s swap fee, it doesn’t look too outrageous. (Although it is pretty high.)

For a EUR/USD mini lot, they charge about 48 cents (long) and 10 cents (short) every day.

Assuming no price change, if you held this position for 365 days, you’d pay a total of $175.20 of interest if you were long, and $36.50 if you were short.

Annualized, the interest rate for being long would be 1.752% (175.20 / 10,000)*100

And the interest rate for being short would be 0.365% (36.50/10,000)*100

Where else can you “borrow” $10,000 at 0.365%?

(Wouldn’t it be nice if houses, cars, and credit cards could be financed at these rates?! :grinning:)

Of course, if you used the current benchmark interest rate for EUR is 0% and for USD is >0.25% and compare it to what you’re being charged, it’s a big difference.

Technically, you should only be paying ~0.25% for being long EUR/USD and getting paid ~0.25% for being short EUR/USD.

But again, brokers can charge you whatever interest rate they want. And as long as they disclose it, then it’s up to you to decide whether it’s acceptable.