Does anyone post their trades on social media to keep themselves consistent?

I’ve read about some people doing this to keep themselves on track and also open discussion with other traders. Does anyone have any experience of this?


You’re on a site that is dedicated to exactly this.


apparently enormous numbers of people do - but they’re successful social media chatterers, not successful traders

for me, it would do the opposite - it would be a huge distraction and a way of losing consistency, not gaining it

“posting your trades”, anywhere, is principally a method of self-promotion


I obviously don’t mean this forum, I mean traditional forms like FB, Insta etc.

I ask because it was advised by a trader in New Zealand I was listening to in an interview the other day.

This is what I would have thought, apparently a lot of people then go on to sell mentorship blah blah blah, but I suppose exposing yourself like that might stop you going against your strategy maybe?

i think that would be a much more likely benefit from posting trades in the Journals section of a trading forum than from posting them on social media, maybe?

Not sure, personally I keep a written and digital journal, but besides engaging with individual subject posts I don’t find forums too helpful for my own journals. Just wondered if anyone had practical experience as I enjoy engagement and conversation, but obviously mainstream social media can be a little toxic etc.

I don’t post trades on social media rather than this, I maintain a trading journal to keep my all records and to make myself consistent.

I use a journal, and I agree that’s useful for consistency. A friend of mine was talking with me about this, we both trade but in very different ways and when you’re out on your own it can feel very isolating. Do you experience something similar? Or do you deal with it ok/not feel the same way?

I never did that. You can go ahead and do tell me the progress.

I’ve thought about it, but the fact is many of my trades are scratch wins or losses with a number of break evens for good measure.

I feel it would be the most boring, online trading journal known to man, the same reason I don’t post live trades on my blog.

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Unfortunately due to the ease of showing good fake trades and ‘after the fact’ wins, the scammers are prevalent in posting ‘trades’ to social media to try and lure in those in the pursuit of quick money with little work.
So I’ve always felt opposed to posting my trades to a mass audience for 3 reasons;

  1. Because I have nothing to prove to anyone, and,

  2. Because I don’t want to be following in the footsteps or grouped with scam artists.

  3. I value my time and feel it’s better spent elsewhere

Just my 2 cents worth



I actually DO post examples of my better trades to my blog, and never post losses, simply because the losses don’t teach you much of the given strategy I’m writing about.

But totally agree no one would know for sure if I actually traded them for real.

However this conversation has got me thinking, I may well start posting the signals up via a link to a free cloud server, where they can be viewed and I could update them as a trade progresses.

Hmm got me thinking.


I don’t post information about my trades anywhere. I like to keep it private.

No, I haven’t

It can be very distracting esepcially when you are tryng to impress

Exactly, I wanted to give the same opinion.

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I do that sometimes and it’s proven to be a good idea for garnering suggestions. Posting on platforms not only lets you share your thoughts but helps resolve queries of other people too. It’s more or less what we are doing here on babypips.

I think they’re be a lot of noise. Especially if you’re looking for constructive feedback, you want to hear from traders, not just a random Joe. Maybe something more focused like a journal here would be better for you.

Simply confirm whether your strategy’s good for the trade or not.