Does anyone trade options retail?

I�m actually more from an options background and although I�ll have an occasional punt one I always think the spread is too large and that the selection available isn�t that great. Just wondered if anyone else was a player?

With eurusd at 1.3415 I�ve just sold a 29th June 1.3350 one touch pay off 400 for 260. I was tempted to buy the 1.36 one touch to make it into a risky but staying on the sidelines for now.

I also look at vanillas so happy to hear if people are doing those too!

what broker did you use?
i haven’t researched the subject but i think $260 for a $400 payoff is too much

IG index which is a uk based cfd firm. They offer a selection of exotics and some vanillas with varying maturity and strikes but all under a month.
I think they must be quoted off an exchange somewhere, possibly the CME, as I don�t think they are pricing them.

As for my one touch it actually hit when the eurusd had it’s big move so i lucked out but because i sold it at 260 and the payoff was 400 i only lost 140 - i did watch it reak down and if i had been smart i could hedged it with a spot trade but i was surprised by the extent of the move

PS I�m not too sure if you are based in the us if you could use IG.