Does anyone use Donchians 5-20 system?

Just wondering. :stuck_out_tongue:

I take that as a no. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhoo, can anyone try to backtest it for me? I have no fancy-schmanzy system for that so I wondered if anyone here could help me. :stuck_out_tongue:

The system is rather easy. You buy when a 20-bar moving average crosses under a 5-bar moving average and vice versa. I want to find out what trailing stop would be most profitable to use.

I would be really gratefull if anyone could help me. :slight_smile:

PS: which trading software is generally considered the best?

Never heard of it before.
With regards to the best software, I believe its pure price bar/candle charts, a keen mk1 set of eyeballs and the good ol’ grey stuff between those deaf ears. Concentrate and make decisions based on what you see.

I usually follow strictly mechanical systems, therefore it would be nice knowing how to automate and backtest it.

If you have a good system that adapts to different situations in a market you can let go of feelings like doubt and stress. Just trust you system. So, me and a buddy of mine has modified the 5-20 system, and are now looking for a way to automate and quantify it.

  • Cheers