Does anyone use NinjaTrader 7?

I was wondering if anyone here uses NinjaTrader 7 to analyze charts and for those who do use it can you please share your experiences here? I have downloaded it, and it takes quite a lot of work, at least for me, to get it all set-up.

It is the leading independent trading platform and so far very few broker support it, but more and more traders use it to analyze charts and it is supposed to be much better than MT4. I am still struggling to get it going, but looking forward to hear any opinions from traders who do use it.

I have been using NinjaTrader for years. I use it to connect to Interactive Brokers for trading forex and futures. I use the Ninjascript programming language to execute trades with my broker. I am pretty happy with it. I think the Ninjascript is easier to learn than MQL. Also, MetaTrader is 10 years old now and is falling behind, whereas NinjaTrader gets regular updates. As far as brokerage support is concerned, most big US brokers are supported, like Interactive Brokers, FXCM, and MB Trading.

The big down side with NinjaTrader is that you have to pay for it yourself to trade with it. But once you pay, it is a lifetime license that includes all future upgrades.

Never heard about it ,by Japanese?

NinjaTrader is an American outfit. They have been around since 2004.