Does notional amount matter?

Just curious as to what notional amounts most people on here prefer, and what is the largest amount you have ever traded?

Do brokers target traders who trade certain amounts? Either to the trader’s benefit or detriment?

I do trade with the amount of money like $100 to ensure I pull out something meaningful as profit when trading in my direction because they say higher your capital the higher your would be when the market move in your favor. Broker do observe every of your transaction and do the execution of your orders so they can also target traders amount.

Do you mean $100K lots?

I trade based on my Risk:Reward and Target profit. Currently, I use 2,000 USD as my margin. My trading strategy is I make a trade once a day, so I don’t use higher amounts and hold for weeks on end. So as to answer your question, I use 2K usd, but the amount you use depends on what kind of trader are you (swing, day trading, scalper, etc) and your money management.