Does RANGING MARKET weed out the pros from the newbies?

In the trending market, anybody can make some amount of money: be it small or big profit. However, it is the ranging market where most newbies avoid that MAKES the most money. And that is why newbies are weeded out during RANGING conditions.

How is ranging market better? FIrst of all, think of a ranging market like a BOX with upper and lower bounds with PREDICTABLE AND REPEATABLE supports and resistances. This means, anybody with knowledge of RISK to REWARD concept can enter the market on maximum leverage with minimum loss. Maximum leverage with minimum loss equates to compounding HUGE PROFITS if the market continues RANGING.
How is it compounding? Well, rinse and repeat until market gets tire of ranging.

Secondly, ranging markets is where people are told to avoid. This means, you will be dealing with the PROS in the market. And this is a good thing. WIth pros in the market and newbies waiting for trend, the MARKET is less chaotic and bound for easy profit if you know what you are doing.

In conclusion, newbies does not need to be weeded out if they start small and learn their lessons on a live trading account. They have much to gain from a live account with minimal loss.