Does this broker exist?

I have $1000 that I want to start trading live with and I have spent a lot of time reviewing different brokers.

I want to be able to trade with a low amount of leverage, maybe 5:1 or 10:1 and I want to be able to trade with a custom lot size or a very small fixed lot size so I can make multiple trades without risking my whole account.

I have been searching the web far and wide for a good broker and it seems like 75% all have bad reviews from people reporting scams and the few that are reliable require large account deposits and large minimum lot sizes. I feel like I have yet to find a single broker that hasn’t been trashed by an unhappy customer.

Is there a reliable NDD reliable broker that offers the type of account I am looking for?

try Oanda, is a market maker but in my experience is a honest broker, just stay away from scalping if you do not understand how variable spreads works… their demo account is unlimited

Well Trading point is also one of the best brokers.They have low spreads,fast order execution and very helpful support.You can check reviews about them at broker reviewing sites.