Dollar equals Euro!

Why o why!!!

Why o Why do US-retailers convert dollars to Euro’s 1:1 [when was the last time that that was the case in FX?]. It means that we the Europeans won’t buy form them because we pay 30% more! That is not all, it is excluding sales tax. This is normal in the US, but it adds up another 21% that we don’t expect overhere. Including shipping, because they want to sell in Europe, but don’t want a facility overhere. So another 18 EURO. [Well I picked an example, thats why the numbers don’t make sense now.

So a nice “Little Tikes iTikes Canvas Toy” is on sale for EUR 52,01 and I have to pay in the end 83 EUR!!! I can buy the thing here for EUR 15. So that is $108 for a toy that cost $ 60 in the US.

Yep, makes sense to me. In about a couple of years they will complain that the international thingy isn’t working out for no obvious reasons.

Another example: Canon PowerShot A1300 EUR 115 (excl. tax and shipping) EUR 117 (excl. tax and shipping)

When I buy it local : EUR 80 ($103, incl. tax and shipping)

Thanks for wasting your time reading this…:slight_smile:

lol, rants are important.

Feel any better now? :smiley:

Yeah, I felt less bad by the false trade kick-out after writing this…:slight_smile: