Donchian channels and what time frame to use?

I have the indicator. I enter 24 in the period section so that must mean 24 days right?

Anyway when i change to days it’s near the upper channel yet when i change to weeks it’s like at the lower portion and very far from the upper channel so which one is correct?

You entered 24 into the PERIOD section so it is 24 PERIODS. A daily chart would be 24 trading days (each of the candles or bars comprising one day each). An hourly chart would be 24 hours (each candle or bar comprising one hour each). If you are using a 240 tick chart then it would be 240 X 24 = 5,760 ticks, etc.

When you change time frames so too does the indicator.

ok so if it’s near the end of the upper channel on the day frame it means i need to sell but if i change to weeks it’s very far from the upper channel and near the bottom channel which means a buy move so how would i go about?