Don't Date Day Traders?

A friend sent this one to me:

Let’s flip it though, what if a woman says she a day trader… would you date her???

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I would! Day trading the day away would be awesome! Any spare time will be spent dreaming riches and developing strategies.

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its difficult to imagine that situation since i want my girlfriend/woman to be financially dependant on me because of obvious reasons of mariage stability

but maybe, who know? we can just be friend too

Just came across this post, and I watched the video. Folding money says this girl will cheat on every boyfriend she has. I can see it in her demeanor, her way of speaking, and her facial expressions.

She’s not a nice person to men.

At the moment I don’t see any reason to object. Timewise, it’s not any more demanding than a regular job. It could be a nice way for us to connect with each other.

@ponponwei Would you be friends with the girl who posted that video?

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Perhaps. But hard to truly know a person based off a 30 second video. I don’t have friends who are on Tiktok lol so at the moment, no. However, I’m not going to say I won’t be friends with anyone based on what I think she’s like. I usually try to get to know someone a little bit and see if our personalities match!

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Ya makes sense!

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True. But as far as her relationship with men, I’m quite confident. I can tell you this much, I wouldn’t bother wasting my time trying to get to know her. She’s giving off a lot of clues about herself in just 30 seconds. You just don’t see it. I’m telling you, as a man, that this girl is trouble. The same way a woman can glance at a man quickly and decide if she’s attracted to him or not.

If this is her attitude toward men, that’s a hard pass.

Especially because she is suggesting that women DON’T get to know men based off of one sentence: ¨I’m a day trader¨

@ponponwei You said you can’t judge someone by a 30 second video. Well, how about judging someone from ONE sentence, as this girl is suggesting?

P.S. Guys aren’t attracted to girls who say ¨bro¨.


While not i can definitely date a daytrader. Taking it as far as marriage will be a second thought as our children will be the most disadvantaged.
It’s not all about the money, there should be place for family; and if we can both agree to that, that’s a hit.


i think you could probably even take away the words “to men” (highly relevant though they are!) and that would still be correct?

indeed so, and harder still to know a person based on a two-word job-description, though that doesn’t seem to have occurred to her at all! :sweat_smile:

so, yes … i agree with you: hard to truly know a person based on a 30 second video, but pretty easy to be instinctively alienated by them in that amount of time, and not want to spend another 30 seconds in their company


I’m not involved in dating but from what I see and hear, many men have given up on dating and are just looking for hook-ups for sex.

And many women are ridiculously ambitious when it comes to finding a male partner. They don’t seem to leave this phase behind as the years go by.

Yeah yeah, exactly. You said it better than I did. haha

Definitely a hard pass for me. It was that whiny, screechy voice that did it instantly. It didn’t matter what she was saying. My read on it is that she got heartbroken by a trader who used a pump and dump strategy.

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Right. I can almost guarantee that she ignored so many ¨nice guys¨ and went for the guy who is unreliable and toxic, yet thrilling. The guy just happens to be a day trader, and now she thinks all day traders are trash.

Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

Also notice how she didn’t give any reasons–just emotions.

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Many such cases.

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That makes sense. Also makes sense since we all have preferences of the types of people we want or don’t want to spend time with!

Lol that’s completely her prerogative just like it’s yours to say you wouldn’t want to get to know her. We could say we don’t want to get to know someone but can’t really say they’re 100% x y z. I used to say dudes who were into sports cars were douchebags lol but now I realize some of them could be cool/nice and just want to buy something nice (albeit expensive) for themselves.

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Lol yes absolutely :joy: I don’t think she cares though.

Do you mean even as they get older?

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