Dont get scammed by Scott Phillips

Hi Guys,

i have been scammed by Scott Phillips on his web site scottphillipstrading. This guy is selling dreams not delivering anything. What ever he says he is scam and also you can easily understand that he doesnt know anything about the market.

He already scammed too many people. Dont do anything before checking the reviews about him

oohh wow… thanks for sharing

Thank you m3420395 for alerting others. I hope you have not lost a significant amount to the trickster. I wish you stay more cautious from now on.

Another proof that we have to be as careful as possible in the market, because there are dangers waiting for us literally at every step. I hope this is the last sad situation in your trading career…

That’s right. There are lots of scammers today and it’s really kinda hard to determine whether a broker scammer or not. However, traders found out how to understand is a scammer in front of you or not. You have to open a demo account and trade here for a little bit, then you should open a real account and deposit there a minimum sum of money which is required by this particular broker. If eerything is okay with real trading then yuou can consider that this broker is reliable, if you see that something goes worng, then you’d better stay off this broker. Moreover, you can start a chat with customer support, in case it replies quickly and treats you well then it’s a hundred percent reliable broker. Of course you also need to check deposits/withdrawals systems.

it’s good when they share such moments, it’s bad when they still cheat people on such things

Once again I am convinced that you have to do everything yourself - only this brings normal results and prospects.

Still trading and selling courses. You can buy one product (which does not really work) and then he moves onto the next ‘system’. He just makes his money from selling ‘courses’/‘systems’ - which dont work for anyone. Be aware and stay away.

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Never heard of Scott Phillips.

What systems or strategies has he been selling which do not work? This might be useful knowedge for anyone who didn’t get it from Phillips but who is trying to make something similar work.

I studied the psychology of traders, and a weird quirk is that even tho this thread warns that “scott phillips” is a scam…

do you know that many people will actually search for “scott phillips” on google and elsewhere, BECUASE YOU NEVER KNOW HE MIGHT KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT HOW TO WIN AT TRADING.

and then when they do find scott phillips, he will lullaby them into a trance and they will hand to scott phillips $8,500.00 for worthless mentoring services.

fyi, mentoring services can be more profitable than trading(and mentors dont ever margin call)

yup… i guarantee that more than a few of you searched for “scott phillips”.

He just moves on from one to the next. Started with an FX scalping one, then was selling crypto to catch big moves and some ‘automated’ crypto system. Sticking with crypto systems at the moment as that is where the ‘excitement’ is, so can capture people to sell this type of thing to. If there were real broker statement and consistently profitable results with decent size (good amount of history), then that would still be something - but no, just spreadsheets that are 'hypothetical, after the fact (hindsight is a great thing).

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Provide evidence, as merely stating something is not enough.