Don't get your knickers in a bunch!

Is it only me who has noticed that everything comes in a bunch these days ?

I’m blaming our American cousins for this. The last straw for me was someone using a bunch of water!

Here are some collective names for ‘bunches’ of people.

Blame accepted. We Americans do NOT have a proper grasp of the language.
Hell, we call football soccer, and named another sport football.

Bunch of water sounds funny but also I understand it haha. I’m still mad about “irregardless” being turned into an actual word but such is language, it evolves and we just have to accept it.

I noticed there’s one bunch of peeps from Crypto asking about Forex. And another bunch from Oil, and another from Gold, What’s this world coming to?

It’s just an idiom. There are much weirder idioms than that, come to think about it, and it has always been that way. For example, in Victorian times “tight as a boiled owl” meant someone was very, very drunk.