Don't know what my fx trainer is teaching me

I am a member of a group known as j16. It’s quite a good group and they aren’t really in there for profits.

Firstly my knowledge of fx is well ok i suppose.

I know everything about support and resistance lvls. I know how to look at longer time frames from hourly to 4h to daily, weekly etc so i know how to find strong support and resistance lvls. I know about counting candles. I know about using the MACD for example. I sometimes read the blogs on this forum on how the currencies fare daily. I know how to look up the calendar on fx factory and see the various events. I know how some ppl claim the news has no effect on trading just look at the charts. You can know of all of this and you won’t even make a penny out of the charts.

Anyway here’s the problem. This trainer holds a weekly webinar and another trainer holds a 2nd webinar later in the week. He then shows the chart and then goes into this long drawn out explaination on the various pairs and explains why he will or won’t take the trade. This fx group is pretty good cos they have rules on how to take trades like say an overlapping bullish candle means that price is moving upwards and perhaps that is true in some instances but when this trainer comes in he can change the rules and explain why he didn’t do it and well it’s so confusing. Like he doesn’t have any fixed rules but yet he’s teaching fx so when you download the vids and learn them well you don’t really learn anything.

“On n’est jamais servi si bien que par soi-même.”, which has widely been translated as, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”, although the literal translation is, “One is never served so well as by oneself.” In this business you do not follow the leader you have to be the leader. So learn what you can from others but make your own decisions and develop your own trade style. Trading is an Art not a science.

Im looking for students to mentor. I DO NOT WANT any money or other form of compensation except for your time and effort because I don’t want you to waste mine. I will choose the trader that best grasps the concepts I use. If you’re interested, pm me.

Are you profitable and how can we trust you ? Can you show us your credentials before start mentoring ?

Why do you have to trust me its not like I’m babysitting your kids. If you’re not interested out of fear thats fine.


Check out 301 Moved Permanently

The rules are fixed, and your strong background in S/R + PA will come in handy


Also recommend another Price Action thread here on Babypips

You need to ask yourself why you got into the group in the first place
& have those reasons been fulfilled. Being part of a group is great,
however their needs to be solid rules to enter, exit trades etc.

Is it a free group ie not paid for? If this is the case there may be another

I have found in the past that a lot of these groups are just wishy washy
about trading because basically they have no real rules, they are making
it up as they go along as it were.

It maybe works for them, I actually think not, however it does not work
for you. Understand what you can take from this group & then follow some
of the posts that have been mentioned, to PA threads as it sounds like
that is where your “group” at the moment is heading.

It sounds like you are in the wrong group. Their aims do align with your own?

The good thing about it is that you now see that there is a problem with the trainer… So the question will be, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to stay with these group just because " they are pretty good and they follow the rules" or are you now thinking about leaving this group and do it on your own?

I guess for some it is nice to be part of the " group" of traders however it will create more confusion and that you may or may not applying what you think is the right steps or strategy that fits you and what work for you because you don’t want to be left out and still want to be part of this cool group… The thing is your success in trading doesn’t depend upon how cool these group is… It all depends upon on you…

So maybe just meet them up after trading for a few beers :wink: so you still be part of the cool group…

[QUOTE=“atrwilder;565269”]Im looking for students to mentor. I DO NOT WANT any money or other form of compensation except for your time and effort because I don’t want you to waste mine. I will choose the trader that best grasps the concepts I use. If you’re interested, pm me.[/QUOTE]
Hello there,
I’ve tried to pm you but unfortunately my message was denied. What are your selection criteria???
Kind regards

If you are having an issue with the trainer, its time to call it quits and move on to another one that makes sense to you. I get it that belonging to a group can help motivate you, but since you are not learning much from the trader, there’s no point staying put. Just check out some of the other trader webinars, some are invite only, some are free…
Remember, your goal here is to learn to become a better trader, focus on that and good luck.

Quite - if you’re not happy with a trainer, ask them about the issue you’re unhappy with. If you remain unhappy after they have answered, you need to leave and find an alternative, IMHO - the teacher-student relationship can be quite a subtle one, it needs to work on both sides and a few levels. It is not just a question of the teacher’s knowledge.