Don't use Videforex, raceoption or binarycent

Don’t use this platform

I was skeptical using this platform, but I used it anyway, the spreads are WAY off from the actual price, and sometimes when you hit a strike price it could also not give you the strike you want, instead it won’t give you the strike until few seconds up to 5 secs later and your price will be way off from the strike, customer service sucks, they will just say “that’s when you hit the strike” without listening and understanding whats really happening on the platform, instead they get very defensive, I do believe Videforex manipulates the price, also Videforex lets you trade on weekends and the markets closed…. that’s the BIGGEST red flag right there, how can this platform let people trade on the weekend when the market is closed? Makes no sense, also withdraw on the websites says withdraws in 1 hour GUARANTEED, that is a false statement , you have to contact the financial department to beg for a withdraw 2 days later didn’t get a withdraw but videforex canceled my withdraw request stating that I cannot withdraw my bonus lol, when I wasn’t trying to withdraw the bonus but only the total amount of what I had in my account, besides you can’t withdraw the bonus anyways so have no idea why they would even say that, makes no sense at all, this platform is not good, I would advise to avoid it.