Double top or head and shoulders?

Just trying to understand the charts have been looking at EUR/USD can someone tell me around the 13.10.12
is that a double top a head and shoulders or both,or neither… how do you see it?

Are you using mt4? If so right click on your chart and click save as picture, then upload it on the thread so people can be on the same page as you are.

btw 13.10.12 is a Saturday. Markets aren’t open on Saturdays. Just saying…

What time frame?

Daily chart made double bottom last week.

Probably guessing this on the hourly. Can’t upload a chart because under post limit.

The hourly chart has an upside down Head and Shoulders. Is that what you are seeing?

Sentinel Possibly. Not an expert at identifying these patterns yet.

Not sure if this will work.

Thanks for the chart. Yeah thats what I was looking at.

This type of stuff is very subjective. I drew 2 trend lines on there. Come to your own conclusion. Always Look left.

I guess it comes back to timeframe that original poster is referring to as well. A lot of typical patterns (Elliot wave) can be drawn on a 1 minute chart on any currency on any day.

Price is fractal, all patterns should be able to be seen on any time frame.

MeiHua is there a definite (easy to digest) description of double tops and heads ‘n’ shoulders that you can link? I am interested in this stuff atm.