Double your Forex Account in 3 Months? Possible?

Here is the email screenshot with an expert advisor which I got yesterday.

Untitled (101.8 KB)

Is it possible and safe?

Could you explain the strategy please?

It is the strategy which identifies whether this is safe or not and whether this gain is achievable or not. You cannot get these things just from the results.


SORRY, but i doubt that results.

Without knowing the strategy it is difficult to say. And is it a screenshot from a demo? It misses the commissions. On real account it would be then a loser EA.

I can make a system show results like that from historical data easily. I can’t make a system that comes anywhere near that in forward testing.

Is it possible? Yes. Is it safe? Probably not. Backtest it over a longer period and see. If it only works for the 3 months they show then it almost certainly won’t work going forwards. If it works over a 5 year period then it’s got a chance.

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Could you share the code from the EA in a .txt file? I could look over and do some backtesting and come back with the results.

it’s trivially easy (just by backfitting) to come up with a “with-hindsight system” which has doubled an account in three months

people selling EA’s (and people selling horse-racing and/or sport-betting tips) do it all the time: it’s called marketing - it normally shows you that they’re good marketers, not good traders/gamblers

the far more difficult thing is to come up with a system which will do that for the next three months, too

unfortunately there’s very little correlation between the two

(realistically, in fact, when people are trying to sell something, there’s normally absolutely no correlation between the two)


I don’t believe so. It sounds suspicious, and I suspect it is a fraud.

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Hello Nomii!
I suggest you not trust this kind of email or ads!
A photo is their proof? I know a people who can double your account in 30 seconds using his PhotoShop!
Check real trader’s trades and see they can make about 30% a month (consistently not luckily)
And I see that you attached a file, I ask you to not open it and I ask people not to download it too!
We all know how can an unknown file damage our system!
Best Luck/


A Forex account can be doubled in 3 months. However, that would include an unworldly amount of consistency and a sprinkling of luck too.

I’ve seen Live accounts grow 5x in a year. So 2x in 3 months is possible. The ‘probability’ of it happening is extremely rare.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.