Drawing candles in Tradingview

Greetings fellow trader,

I’m a new trader and was wondering if in Tradingview there is an option to plot your own candles? I myself couldn’t find this option in Tradingview. I wonder if anyone knows about this or if there is another common used way to plot candles.

Have a nice day and trade safe!

Welcome, Rodgero!
I use TV but am confused by your question. What do you mean “own candles?”

Hello Cigarman Stan!

I’m aware my question sounds a bit vague. I’ll try to explain it better; for example when you’re trading with several people in a meeting at the same time. One of the participants has an idea about the market and wants to show these ideas, I know this can be done with drawings and other useful tools. But I was wondering if there is also the possibility to ‘draw’ or ‘add’ candels. So when discussing whether the trend is going bullish or bearish you can elaborate with self-drawn candles.

I hope this makes my question a bit clearer, excuses me for the English since it’s not my native language.

Oh, ok. Got it.
There are a number of drawing tools, which you seem to know about. Drawing a “candle” though, is not something I am aware of.

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Okay, thanks for your time.