Drawing candles in Tradingview

Greetings fellow trader,

I’m a new trader and was wondering if in Tradingview there is an option to plot your own candles? I myself couldn’t find this option in Tradingview. I wonder if anyone knows about this or if there is another common used way to plot candles.

Have a nice day and trade safe!

Welcome, Rodgero!
I use TV but am confused by your question. What do you mean “own candles?”

Hello Cigarman Stan!

I’m aware my question sounds a bit vague. I’ll try to explain it better; for example when you’re trading with several people in a meeting at the same time. One of the participants has an idea about the market and wants to show these ideas, I know this can be done with drawings and other useful tools. But I was wondering if there is also the possibility to ‘draw’ or ‘add’ candels. So when discussing whether the trend is going bullish or bearish you can elaborate with self-drawn candles.

I hope this makes my question a bit clearer, excuses me for the English since it’s not my native language.

Oh, ok. Got it.
There are a number of drawing tools, which you seem to know about. Drawing a “candle” though, is not something I am aware of.

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Okay, thanks for your time.

This is just a great resource, because it presents data from different exchanges, which allows you to control the situation as accurately as possible, and there are many other tools to make a detailed analysis of the market situation.

Traders are always in search of some points that can simplify their work. And this is normal.
But believe me, it’s better to use official data than to invent something yourself, so you have less chance of making a mistake.

There is no such function, but you can just indicate the level, and that’s it, that’s enough (I think so)…