Duck Hunting Strategy : 100$ to 1000$

Hi all,

Here’s my Trade Explorer :

Here’s the link to my video journal on YouTube :

Back to my first love, BabyPips.

I have been hanging out on other forums for the past few years because I could monitor and display my demo and live accounts there. And one fine day I thought to myself, is my BabyPips account still around?

And here I am.

I am currently forward testing my Duck Hunting Strategy, and I would reach my true win rate in another 84 trades/days (totalling 300 positions).

I trade once a week if I make less than 6% and I would take a second trade if I make 6% or more that week and there is opportunity available for me to enter on.

For each trade, I open 3 positions of 1% each. And for the second trade, I would open 3 positions of 0.33% each.

I have some money with me but I have yet to deposit them into this account because I would like to gain more confidence before I decide to dump some into this account.

That’s all for now.

Great Day Ahead :slight_smile:

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What is the strategy?

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It’s a Day Trading Strategy that works ! :slight_smile:

I scan from Top Down Approach starting from the 4Hour, to the Hourly and finally down to my Entry Time Frame at 15 Mins.

There’s a lot of nuance that goes into this strategy which requires tons of practice and patience. :slight_smile:

I would like to add on that Day Trading isn’t what people read online, to my surprise. Such as, closing the trade before the trading day ends, etc. Nah. At least based on my experience, it isn’t as so.

It is much more of, If the trade has not closed by the end of the “Trading Day”, I would have other set of rules and risk control in tact to prevent the losses from getting out of hand.


Hope this helps :slight_smile:

By the way, you can check my Trade Explorer at ForexFactory. Just search for DuckHunter and scroll down all the way to the last Trade Explorer.

Excuse me that I couldn’t post links because I haven’t hit the post count required, yet. :slight_smile:

OOh. I can post links now! Yay!!! Here’s my Trade Explorer.

A new journey begins, on BabyPips. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

this is getting a bit complicated
maybe a demo account with some trading will be more captivating to me or us viewers

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Hi Zrrsys! :slight_smile:

I have posted my Trade Explorer on one of the posts, but I understand there it is easy to miss it :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know that it could be a issue :slight_smile: I will post the link in the first post as well :slight_smile:

Here’s the link for your perusal :slight_smile: :

how about some buying a selling with screen captures

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A software with screen captures?

Ah I actually have a YouTube Channel, I just posted it on the first post, too :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to my Video Journal on YouTube :slight_smile: :

Thank you very much for your kind suggestions :slight_smile:

jENG Jeng!

I have just entered on the CHFJPY through 3 Long Market Orders.

Going for 3 positions of 1R, 2R and a maximum of 4.34R.

Let’s see what happens next.

In double quick time, I made this video journal of myself Day Trading today.

The trade is still developing as I am typing.

What did I do and what did I see? Could you see what that I saw? Who knows? Check it out for yourself.


I took the trade on CHFJPY and I managed to grab some pips as usual. And, it isn’t always the case. In my earlier years of trading, I faced losses after losses, in almost every trade. If I ever won, it surely is because I got lucky for that one time, or that, I exited prematurely to secure the profit I made because I didn’t know what I was doing.

In the past few weeks, the market is oddly quiet, many of the trades I took, ended without going for home runs. The best I got was to exit for a small profit. At least, for the Major and Minor Pairs that was in my watchlist.

Yesterday(Wednesday), I was expecting some red alert news to come out, hopefully to move the market a little, and it did. How did it went? Just find out yourself! :slight_smile:

Check It Out!! >>>

I feel that the market has gone quiet for the past few weeks. Most pairs are in choppy conditions. However, there is one pair that is not an Forex Pair that I am eyeing on.


Just take a look. It has been trending sharply for the past few days, and currently am at the Major Support Area. How I wish it has already broken out, when I woke up an hour ago.

I think there will be some exciting movements to come in the London Session today, or during tomorrow’s Asian Session.

The question to ask, when there is exciting movements is,

To Enter, Or, Not To Enter.

aH Ha!

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I missed the move on SUGARUSD and I am fine with it. Today, I spotted another opportunity to enter on SUGARUSD through Pending Sell Limit Order. Would my Orders get triggered?

World Order.

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Click to Enlarge Name: SUGARUSD_2022-07-27_08-37-15.png Size: 21 KB|attachment

World Order, but close up.

Attached Image (click to enlarge)

Click to Enlarge Name: SUGARUSD_2022-07-27_08-37-36.png Size: 18 KB|attachment

Besides SUGARUSD, I am also watching another pair which is the EURAUD.

I just realised that SUGARUSD’s Opening Hours begin 30 Minutes after London Session opens. Is this just my broker or is this universal?

Another pair I am looking at is the EURAUD.

Second Brother and their lil’ Brother

Attached Image (click to enlarge)

Click to Enlarge Name: EURAUD_2022-07-27_08-53-30.png Size: 27 KB|attachment

I would prefer to enter on the SUGARUSD because of the Reward to Risk Ratio. However, if the market opens only 30 Minutes after London, there is a chance that EURAUD would provide an Entry Signal before SUGARUSD opens. If that is as so, I would have to bite the bullet and go with EURAUD.

Either way is fine.

Pew Pew Pew.

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Ugh Ah~!

How could you… How could you!!! AUSSIEEE!!! BADA BIDA AUSSIE!!!

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At 09:30AM Singapore Time, Aussie has two news releases. And even 3 confluences cannot handle the news release. EUR WON.

In just 3 seconds time, the spike up took out my 3 Stop Losses. The Knock Out Punch.

Losing still stings for a little, even tho I am seasoned.

But that is trading! I am done for the week.

The fastest hand wins.

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Hi :),

I took a trade on Wednesday during the Asian Session on the EURAUD and I got stopped out during 2 consecutive Aussie news.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that happening in 3 seconds.

I feel good, however. It’s because I only needed to work for 3 seconds officially.

Here is where we are at now.

I am very lucky to have recorded down the moment when my Sell Orders and Stop Loss got triggered.

Great Day Ahead

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I think retuning our mindset and our strategy is so important, because when you get used to trading the strategy, you would start getting complacent and begin to forget the roots and reasons why your strategy exist, and why you chose to use this or that indicator in the first place.

I believe that this occurs to newer traders and very often. I know, because it occured to like that in my previous years of trading, and even now. Just the last trade I took was as so.

I began narrowing the space between the S&R levels, to try to squeeeeze out whatever profit there is available, instead of acknowledging the fact that this strategy isn’t working, in this market condition at all.

It isn’ by choice, but due to being out of tune with yourself. You are trading like a robot, but at the same time, not at the accuracy of a robot.

That’s why many folks like to trade EA.

But if you are a discretionary trader like I am, it is vital that you retune your mindset, your strategy and give yourself AND your strategy a break when you and the market and the vehicle you are driving needs a break.

A break is good.

by the way, here’s a video I just made. I spotted 4 JPY pairs that has just broke out and I am looking to capitalise on that move if an opportunity presents itself.

Great Day Ahead.

Something I posted on my other trading journal on ForexFactory yesterday.

Kwa Kwa Kwa~

Second consecutive Stop Loss. Protective mechanism triggered.

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I have to do what I should do now, which is to RUN. After 3 months of hitting, now is time to run. I could have gotten more, and held on to more during the hitting phase, but when you know better, you do better.

It all boils down to experiencing getting punched in the face consecutively first, to know how it feels like, and how much you would not want to get punched in the face.

It’s a PRO-CESS. Without getting into the CESS(pool), the PRO in you wouldn’t be formed and evolved.

I wanna note that, it doesn’t feel good losing, but I have been using thinking techniques that I realised over the years of trading, to relieve the mental muscle tension. It is like a foam roller but for the mind.

Now that the bad times are here, I didn’t react to it like how I used to. The pain is physical when you lose, cos you feel it physically. You lose sleep over it, you keep checking on your phone, thinking about it every second. But now, it feels like an ant’s bite. Not a red ant of course.

I will be back to trading on the 22nd onwards, to tide out this contrarian market condition that I do not trade in.

Leave the depths to the treacherous Meranths, I can find all I need in the shallows.
- TideHunter

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