Dumb Question from Noob

The only dumb question here is the one that you don’t ask!!

To my knowledge ACM uses their own in-house trading platform. Since you’re using a demo account I highly suggest you switch to one of the many brokers that use Metatrader 4, such as InterbankFX, Alpari, etc.

It’s the most common trading platform and there’s tons of information and help available for it.

Very few people use ACM compared to MT4, so finding help might be hard.

Thanks dude. Thats gonna help me a lot. I really have no idea how to get started without indicators.

You could start by learning candlestick trading - much better than indicators.

Have a look…

Candle Sheds More Light Than The MACD


I completely agree, but candlesticks (and trading in general) can be hard for newbies with no previous experience.

I used indicators when I started trading, and after a while I moved on to bigger and better things. But those indicator “training wheels” were essential to helping me learn my way.

I think I would have been overwhelmed and failed without them.

Can you name me any good brokers that are compatible with Mac OS X and use the system? Finding a good one with both seems impossible so far for me.


I use Linux and I run Metatrader in VirtualBox. They also make a version for Mac and it’s free. Just google it!

Apart from that I’d try Oanda. Their charts aren’t the best, but they are Java based and will run in any web browser.