Dux Forex results

I have subscribed to Dux Forex and I thought I would share the results I have had testing so far. I am keeping track of the max possible profits and losses based on their entry, stop-loss, and take profit levels.


That link will take you to a Google Spreadsheet that will be updated as results come in. I think it is self explanatory, but if you have questions just ask.

Looks good. I think I am going to start doing this too. I would suggest you keep the actual Profit/Loss of the trades in the last column. This way we can all read it better. Just a suggestion.

This is actually good.
I’ll try doing this so I know how much profits I am making using Dux and an indicator.

Are you using 0.1 lot?

Hi there jstrick,

Would you be so kind not to post a goo.gl link. We cannot verify the underlying URL and opening may result in downloading a worm-virus.

We just had a thread on DUX with some marketeers from DUX. Noone on that thread wanted to post some real results from that service. I think that DUX, if they are legit, would like it when you show some true results , like a trade record or an myfxbook.

Until some real proof, I advice other readers not to rely on this thread as this thread might be marketing only. Tunucks for example has been flipping systems multiple times in a couple of months, which is interesting because why would you switch if you have a winning system on your hands. It is probably no coincidence that he is banned. :smiley:

In short, DUX appears to be fishy. But if it is that good, please help us with some real proof. An excel sheet is not proof as we cannot verify that those results were made with signals received before the trade occured.



BP members 1, marketers 0!

I see our friends at elementforex who are behind the threads have been banned. Good on the administrators for keeping BP free from this scum.

:slight_smile: Yup… But they might be back. :wink:

Here is the full link:


I know it isn’t possible to verify the results from this, but its the best I have right now. It would be nice if DUX Forex would list their past signals so you could go back check them out. I don’t think it would be right for me to post the open signals since it is a paid service. I’ll check out myfxbook and see what I can figure out.

Yes I am testing with a .1 lot.

If you are testing them with a 0.1 lot, you can post a printscreen of the trade you made, that would be helpful.

I can give you 100 seriously profitable signals after the opportunities occured. That is the problem with signals after the fact and spreadsheet.

Not one was given! That makes these DUX threads fishy around here.

Not everyone who praises dux is from element forex or promoting them. Thats the most ignorant thing to believe and say. Lets try and keep this thread clean. You guys asked for performance, now your going to get it. Lay off the senseless hating.

I think I’ve got Myfxbook going. Anything before 2016 was just me monkeying around with different EAs and strategies.


Jake, you are one of them.

[B]If you are right than you used four signalling services in the last two years. If they were so good, why switching? If they wer not good, you are not reliable as you may have the same poor judgements as with the other three. Some proof? ->
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04-12-2015, 08:45 PM Dux Forex Signal Service Discussion[/B]

These are about the only threads that you are on. If you call me ignorant then I think I am entitled to call you a liar.

It is not about being ignorant, it is about protecting ourselves against commercial beggers. If DUX is doing so well, why do you even bother about this.

You are just trying to make me look like a fool just because it is in your advantage that DUX is being promoted.

It is quite normal here to provide proof, you guys didn’ t provide it. So it was marked as advertisement.

We don’t care about DUX of any other signalling service. We care about the members here making appropriate choices.

So, make me look like a fool. So me your myfxbook jake. You have been disussing the DUX system for about 129 posts now. Surely you have some shred of evidence?

Just the way I like to see it. Testing EA’s. :slight_smile:

Surely I will be posting results Toeken, and all the statements I have mentioned are true. Just because I don’t post my account statement on some third party service doesn’t mean its not. You seem to think that everyone who posts positive results are in on some marketing scheme. Just like you call me a liar, I can call you a liar for accusing me of being one because you have had nothing positive to say or have no proof that the company is “fishy”. You have not tried their signals yet you act like you have. Anyway I sure hope this thread puts you in your place.

We wish the OP the best of luck with DUX. He is a least going to attempt to share his experience.

But as for you jake"the snake" roberts, You have absolutely nothing to offer the forum. The fact all your mates have been banned tells me that you are not one of them or you created multiple accounts. The fact you contribute to no other threads means you care not for the community. At the end of the day doesn’t matter. You lie down with dogs you’re going to get fleas. And you sir need a bath.

Personally I take great pride in sourcing out these scammers and marketing scum. Learning to speculate is hard enough by itself. The talk is always about how you enter a trade. Never is anything published about how to manage a trade once on. You can have a great signal service providing 95% accuracy but if you don’t know how to manage these lossing signals then bomb goes the dynamite.

I would of though one of the main themes in a discussion on a signal service was how to manage a trade. But no, all the talk was another 20 pips, another win, lets blow more smoke up peoples butts. Babypips is a great way to learn and start ones journey. Its also a great place for parasites to come and sux in ignorant newbies. I’m sure you are well aware of that.

So either join the OP and offer disclosure or simply slide back into that slim pit you came from. You have nothing of value to share

No response on the four systems you ‘seemed’ to use? That is what I call fishy.

Dux Forex’s AUD/USD signal reaches TP1. I have exited the trade at TP1 but it looks like its going to reach TP3 so this trade has hit the first threshold at +20 pips successfully. Here is the result of my trade on my account.

There you go, was it that difficult! This thread is about automated systems and EAs. It has to come with some proof. I noticed on the myfxbook that there was a SL of about 60 pips. Rather riskfull for a TP of 20 pip.

Keep it coming! Not only the winning ones… :slight_smile:

I won’t go into the details that we cannot see that it is from a signal and that this might be a demo account. But hey, I am feeling nice today. :slight_smile:

The stop-loss is relative really, if I used TP1 and others used TP3, the SL is a lot less risky but because this is my individual trade alone, it’s only my preference to exit at TP1. So others could have made +60 pips or more. The signals are directly from Dux’s website’s members page. I obviously cannot post the actual entries here since it’s against their tos but I can assure you it’s 100% by their signals. If you look at the others who have similar results and see their statements, it should match.

yes, I received it yesterday. just after there email about the market being unusual so fewer trades is just normal but I was just laughing as I saw nest email sent to me was AUD/USD. I usually place the TP on TP1 or TP1.5 (between TP1 and 2) depending on the market condition. I am good with 20-30 pips a day but depends on the SL.

Ya, haha I noticed that too. Maybe they meant there would be fewer trades but not no trades at all. But in a sideways market condition like this, good on their part for delivering a signal like this. It really shows experience.