Dux Forex results

You will have to look them up on Google. Forum rules don’t allow links.

Here we go. Bump bump again. And then the emails come. Marketing scam.

Look man honestly, this is going way to far with you. I post legit results!!! You can verify this with any other trader you know who uses them. So your saying every time I post results it’s a “bump”? WTF? I am posting updated results just like what the thread says. There’s nothing wrong about that. I never even made this thread. I am just helping people out who want to know the results of this signals service and you are nobody to question anything if I have not broken any rules of the forum unless your a mod in disguise of a supposed “contributor”. Keep this thread clean!!

Bit sensitive bro. At what point did I address you?

You use the service, thats fine. You make a profit. Thats good. But it is no coincidence that the only times these threads get bump is when an new email marketing run ocurs.

People are free to make up their own mind. You have your view, i delete my emails. And we both know it takes more than a signal to return a profit.


do you have myfxbook results?

Thank you to follow and report.
Do you have their results for all currencies ?

Been a while guys, still using Dux and results are speaking for themselves.

hi jake,

Just a guess, but any connection with a guy called Kiwi who posts elsewhere?

Kiwi on fxgears - no ?

Hi umm no I don’t know kiwi, who is that? I don’t use other forex forums other than babypips and forexfactry, they are the best in my opinion.

Is just a coincidence, the Kiwi guy posted the exact same results using the same spreadsheet, he was missing for a while and then posted those results on Wed past over there.

Thought you were both the same guy, that’s all.

Thanks for letting me know that. I told the mods at fxgears to remove it, let see what happens.

Yeah, he must have downloaded your image and just kept the same name - as the mod over on gears said it’s sad.

Hey guys. Been a long time since I posted on this thread. Dux Forex still doing well. I am in the GBP/JPY trade right now and will update you guys later with the full results. Anyone else making profits?

Hi Jake, just signed up for Duxforex. How were their results in 2018 thusfar? How many lots to you recommend for a $500 account per trade? Appreciated.

WOW @ym8016.

You joined one hour ago to post here.

Thats pretty impressive marketing Jake


I joined babapips 3 months ago and yes this is my first post. I happened to see this post and have no affiliaton with Jake whatsoever. Your comment is totally uncalled for.

Does anyone else have feedback for Duxforex in 2018, I see these posts are rarther old.

Site says otherwise

I don’t care but so relax bro

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We can SEE that that’s not true. What’s wrong with you? :grimacing:

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I do not need to justify myself here. I know the world are full of scamsters but I am not one. If you were able to enter my profile you will find that I stared the babypip school 3 months ago already. I’m not sure why my first post shows different, but once again, believe me or not I do not care.