Dux Forex

Hi everybody, I’m going to test out Dux Forex this month. They are a signal provider who claims excellent results. They seem to like swing trading. Although they don’t tout this, I found them listed on myfxbook, I can’t post the link because I don’t have 5 posts on babypips as of right now.

I read a thread on this forum about them, but it seemed to be mixed with advertisement accounts so it was difficult to really evaluate them. For $5, I figured I’d try it. I don’t intend to use this thread as a trade journal, but I will try to post my results from Dux over the next few weeks.

There is already a thread here on Dux Forex

Did you even read my second paragraph?

I’ve noticed that there’s a lack of any type of user control panel on Dux. It’s quite worrying actually. I paid with PayPal, so I can always cancel through their website if need be.

On the bright side, I made my first 42 pips from them!

good for you, congrat for your 1st 42 pips dude. keep us update for any latest result, it alway nice to had real user review.

Just got 2 new signals about 5 minutes ago. I’ll post the results when they come in.

First signal was a 54 pip loss. Hopefully the other one is better.

2 winning signals that triggered last night. I went conservative and used the TP 1 levels with re-entries for TP 2. I got a combined 63 pips last night from their GBP/USD and EUR/USD signals.

They posted 2 signals today for EUR/USD and GBP/USD but there’s a typo in the EUR/USD. This isn’t the first time there’s been a typo and it worries me that they don’t even read their own website to ensure that correct signals are posted.

They have fixed their website. I hope this does not happen again.

i miss the eurusd signal? on the website only see the gbpusd…

I’m not sure what happened there. I got the email as well and placed the order but now its gone. We didn’t get an email saying that it was no longer valid either.

Both EUR/USD and GBP/USD missed their TP’s. They were close but price reversed a little too soon.

Its been a while. I just wanted to come back here and let you all know that these guys have improved a lot and their overall performance is impressive.