EA Backtesting and Optimizing

Greetings earthlings!

I’ve recently retreated to my pod to conduct some studies on expert advisors and how to backtest and optimize them. After a lot of number-crunching, I’ve discovered a few with consistently profitable returns.

Care to share some of your EAs to see if they’re up to the test too? Got nothing to lose here! We’ll just be helpin’ each other out in the quest for the Holy Grail system!

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G’day supreme commander type being. Here’s an EA for you. Keen to see what someone who knows what they are doing can extract from it. You can read more about here;
Hope the journey ends well.

BOB’s MTF LWMA’s Bot AUSJPY.zip (7.18 KB)

Its designed to run on the 1min, 5min and 15min charts but I work on the 5min chart. Its preloaded with AUSJPY pair settings

G’day bro. So anyone following the threads I have been involved in has notice that results I get from my bot and demo account are two differrent things. I believe it comes from my lack of ability to backtest and optimize effectively. Plus my lack of accurate data. I have taken measures to improve that and how my robots thinks and have an updated build. It’s for the USDJPY pair and runs on the 5min chart only. To all do what you will with it. It should be able to be optimized for the majors and JPY crosses. Good Luck

BOB’s USDJPY Bot Build 4.0.zip (11.9 KB)

Awesome work, man! I crunched the numbers on this one from Oct 1, 2012 to Oct 2, 2013 on the M5 chart as you recommended, and the results are lookin’ good. Imma head back to my pod to see if there’s still a way to tweak and optimize these settings but so far, so good… 21.62% return for the past 12 months!

Thanks bro for taking the time to trial this bot. As we all know it is a time consuming effort to optimize and back test these Bot’s and its greatly appreciated. Just for every-ones information, the difference between the AUDJPY Bot and the USDJPY Bot is quite simple. The AUDJPY is built to analysis on ever tick but what I found was happening in my demo account was that even a spike of just 1 point mid bar was sufficient to cause a moving average cross and thus triggering a false entry signal. Hopefully I have overcome this on the USDJPY Bot by now analysing the market only at the opening price of each new bar on the 5min chart. Hope to have some optimized settings for the AUDJPY pair in the next couple of days so we can compare results. All the best and thank you once again bro :57:

Sorry it took a while for me to get back at ya, but I was actually enjoying backtesting a bunch of EAs. Do you mind if I have this one featured in the blogs sometime?

Go for it Bro. I recommend that only people who have the ability to optimize with tick data use the AUDJPY bot. Its built to analysis the market on ever tick. The USDJPY uses exactly the same trade logic but only analysis’s the market at the commencement of each new bar and is probably best suited for the 5Min chart. I have discovered it’s weakness however. Like most indicator based systems it fails around times when the markets resets S&R levels. So I’ve been busy researching old mate Fibonacci. Might take another month to update it but. Suppose it to a year to learn how to enter the market, probably take 2 to figure out when to exit. Enjoy the journey bro

I would like to recommend you test ForexProGainer - a combined grid and martingale EA with price chasing feature. When the EA finds a good exit point it wont close the orders yet. Instead it will let the price move in the flavor way to get more profit from the market. In case the price does not move in the desired direction, all the profitable orders are closed immediately to lock your profit. Hope to get your review.

Hey man! Sorry it took a while for me to get back to ya. Do you have the EA file for this one? I’d love to run it through my number crunchers!