EA did not close a trade

One of the EA’s I use uses grid trading.

Recently it closed all trades excluding one. It is relatively in a large drawdown. Why did not it close? Same EA on 10K and 5K accounts closed all trades. But in the 200K trade it did not close. I changed the magic number. Can it be because of that? Attached is the statement. Thank you!..
Statement_ 21029104.zip (9.3 KB)

The usual reason an exit order is not executed is that the bid or ask price never reached that price level. The chart of course might tell you that it did hit that level, but charts can be set to show either Bid, Ask or Mid prices. In addition, the 3 types of chart price are not binding on the broker, they are indicative - the actual quoted prices are the real prices at which orders are executed. You will often see that the chart price does not move as fast as quoted prices.

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Thank you Tommor!..