EA for Stops, Take Profit, and Maby More! =)

I’m kinda new to all of this forex stuff and its alot to take in. I was wondering if there is an EA out there or how I could make one that takes care of multiple Take Profits at different lot sizes and also takes care of my stop/ can move it if I need it to be moved to a new level all without placing them on my trades on my brokers software? I can live with a simple one too that dosnt move stops and dosnt have multiple TPs.

Hello sascrotch123,

There are definiatly EA’s out there designed to manage your orders. They generally use lines you place on the chart to set TP’s and SL’s. The best I’ve seen (and used) is one called MagicStick but it’s pretty pricey (about $550 USD at 50% off).

Here are a few free ones I have come across (These are URLS without the h.t.t.p bit):

  1. OrderManager-Drag SL and TP
  2. Automated Trading and Strategy Testing Forum


I am using an EA which with updated settings has proved very profitable, however I have discovered that if it does not tale a profit from a trade in 24 hours, then it is unlikely to do so later. I am trying to find an ea that will monitor trades by magic number, and then close open unprofitable trades after 24 hours.

Can anyone make a suggestion ? I have looked at the usual culprits like swiss army ea, but none are suitable. If any one has the knowkedge to write one for me, I would be happy to exchange this ea plus my settings and rules in exchange.

Do you require the trade to be in profit before it is closed or do you want the order closed exactly 24 hours after opening?


Hi JonDgis

It should close 24 hours after opening whether in profit or in loss. Thanks.

I really like the drag sl and tp. It is so easy to change things very quickly. Thank you