EA Not loading on MT4 charts one one PC. Loads OK on others

Hello. EA will not load onto MT4 charts on one PC. It loads on other PCs and other EA’s load on the troubled PC. Any suggestions? with thanks

Hi, maybe you can write something about yourself? Where did you find this EA? Regards Greg

Hello Greg, thank you for your questions. In response, have been developing as a trader for over six years, am consistently profitable at a low level, when focussed. Have gained education from a number of sources, including some work with autotrading. Other work as a farmer, engineer and property developer takes me away from the markets so I bought an EA from MLQ, that seems to perform well, Gold Stuff EA by Vasiliy Strukov in Rumania. It appears to have gained 7,000% in the past three months, .My main PC has Tick Data for accurate back testing, though the EA will not load. It loads on another PC and the main PC loads other EA’s, but not this one.

MQL EA’s are binding to your computer, one computer, you can’t use one EA from MQL in two computers. Welcome in BP :slight_smile:

Thank you for the welcome and for the information. It has been possible to get a second copy and it has loaded and is now backtesting from Jan 2019. Problem solved.

How many activations left?

The second copy is specific to an Axi Trader account opened from a link supplied by the developer. He gives me ES’s that work on that account only, presumably because he gets income from Axi. The original that I bought is running on the other computer on three different broker platforms. Backtest results on 15min XAUUSD with TicData from 4-1-2021 to 4-3-2021

£20,744 from £10,000. Now running it live on PC with £1k starter.

good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you will have to use another computer for that. You can’t use it on two computers at a time.