EA Pump and Dump with monitoring

The main strategy - “Buy cheap, sell expensive”. Opening orders occurs after a significant increase/fall in prices.

You probably noticed a significant pullback of the price in the opposite direction after sharp movements in the market, then so-called “hairpins” have drawn. The adviser catches moments of strong growth or fall and enters the market, based on these signals.I explain particularly in the video and in the screenshots.

A lot of attention was paid to money management and risk management in the adviser.

  • the ability to control the overall risk percentage of transactions

  • the possibility of disabling trading in case of a risk management contravention
    Money management is to be provided in the adviser. For management you may choose to use:

  • a fixed lot for opening positions

  • an adaptive lot that opens a transaction with a percentage of the deposit
    :point_right:You can download this ea on the site softimotrade com


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Great, now “forward test” it for 1 year and post the monthly results here with real money on the line.

If you can match your back-testing results, you’ve beat 99% of Wall Street and should be printing your own money on the way to billionaire status.

Could you show of the settings of this EA please?


Sets Sets PD v3_27.zip - Google Driveприрост-график-539 (1)