EA with SL and TS only. Just it! Nothing more!

Hi guys!

I’d like to create an EA with the following features:

  • In a TF of [B]1 hour[/B], for example, after of 1/4 of [B]1 hour[/B], a order should be given automaticaly by EA. If the candle is green, so is a buy order; if red, so is a sell order. If the TF is of [B]4 hour[/B], so the type of order (buy or sell) should be choose by EA after of 1/4 of [B]4 hour[/B] (= 1 hour). If the preset candle is green -> buy; if red -> sell. It should work in any TF.

  • No TP

  • With SL

  • With trailing stop

  • And more one thing: I’d like of create a parameter called “SPD”. If the current spread < then SPD, so the EA works normally. But if the current spread > than SPD, then the EA don’t give orders.

Just it!

But, I don’t know how make this EA. I guess that is simple… Someone can make for me?



Read up on some basic programming.

Then read all the documentation at mql website, its very well documented by them imo.

That will give you a good start.

With Blessing you already hace most of it. You only need to program the entry conditions and adjust the settings.

So what would the SL and Trailing Stop be set to?

What would determine the value of SPD?

I already have a template for something like this so i will test it out and post the results for you.

Additionally, does the candle body need to be a certain size? What do we want to do if it is a doji candle? Do we trade certain times in the day? Because otherwise this could make 24 random trades a day.

You need to define your requirements a bit better.

[B]What would determine the value of SPD?[/B]

SPD would a variable, actually, a parameter adjusted manually.

[B]So what would the SL and Trailing Stop be set to?[/B]

I don’t know excatly… :X
Maybe could be another variables, another’s parameters adjusted manually, in PIPs…

update me please if you have this EA. :slight_smile: