EA without magic number

Hello. Happy holidays. Please forgive me if I am asking a newbie question because I am a newbie. Now, I have this EA that I discovered on the internet that I want to use. When I launched the EA on a chart I discovered that it has no magic numer. All other EAs that I have been using have magic numbers so I was wondering why this was different. So, my question is. If this EA has no magic number can I use it on more than one currency pair chart or is its use limited to one currency pair chart? Thanks.

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Some EAs are good. I have been using this EA for a week on only one currency chart because of the magic number issue and getting good results. Please, do reply my question if you can help me and not discourage me. I just want to know if the EA will work on more than on currency pair chart in mt4 if it does not have a magic number. Thanks

Hi, if this EA creating new order, this means magic number is on code but you can’t change it. If you will use EA more on than one currency pair, your platform will not recognize strategy correctly. You can install new instance of the platform and then you can add EA. Regards Greg

Hello, you developed this trading EA or bought from social media?

I saw it on a forum at mql5.com. It was based on a strategy they were discussing. I cannot contact the original creator because it has taken some time. But the ea works well on one currency chart. I will try it on several charts and see how it goes.

I saw your post on mql5, in my opinion, you need to install multi-platform and add EA separately. Regards Greg

It seems obvious you should find out if it uses a magic no. Can you write a script, loop thru the orders and print the OrderMagicNumber() . That will tell you.
If no magic no. then yes would need to use a separate account to ensure no conflicts with other EAs you run. On the other hand, if its that good, why use other EAs?

Which currency? EURUSD or anything else? Keep updating buddy!