Early morning? but why?

hi guys and gals just a question why so many people talk about earning morning trades like from 6 am to something?

I am a night owl I ususally stay up till 4am , but I can adjust as long as people explain why so many trade early morning. thanks

It’s more about preference. Alot of people like to day trade around the time when the market moves alot, which happens to be in the morning. People also like to trade the news so they trade around that time. It also depends on your strategy too, if it hits around specific time, which for most might happen to be in the morning your going to want to trade around that time. Plus your schedule, if you only have time to trade in the morning then chances are that’s what you’ll do. Best, eh.

xxfunguyxx, what time zone do you live in? there is the london session that opens at around 3am est. that works well for me in the mountian time. I’m partial to the gbp/usd. it is a good mover if thats what you are looking for.

while what I meant really to ask is does the currency make more movements in particular times? I mean even if till 3 am is good time to trade GBP/USD, but the trade keeps going even after that, so why do u have to set up a time. thanks