EAs affected by DST?

Recently, the GMT offset has changed because of DST, and now I’m at a loss as to whether to leave my EAs to auto GMT offset which will give +2, or to keep the ‘original’ GMT +1. (Alpari UK account)

Am I right to conclude that since some zones respect DST and some don’t, that the movement during DST period and non-DST period will somewhat be different?

All in all, I’m wondering if the entry/exit codes used by the EAs will be affected by DST. I am considering (during the half of the year that DST takes effect) making a copy of the EA charts, one using GMT1 and the other using GMT2, splitting the risk, and then changing all charts back to GMT1 when DST is off.

Is this the best idea? Or should I just stick to DST timings now?