EA's for monitoring and closing trades?

Hi All,
does anyone have an EA they would like to share that can take over and control trade positions?

set to close 1/2 position and trail to next target
set to trail
set to open and close pre-determined targets

hope someone can help!

lick lick

In my experience, it’s difficult if not impossible to control percentages of trades with an EA. If you open a trade with 2 lots, it’s assigned a ticket #. If you later want to close just one lot, that is easy, but the ticket # isn’t accessible anymore. Admittedly, I haven’t delved too deeply into this area because I found it much easier to just open 2 single lot trades and manage them separately, but maybe it can be done using magic # and/or accessing the trade by SELECT_BY_POS instead of SELECT_BY_TICKET. The rest of what you’re wanting is pretty simple.

thanks bk,
for the information.
So do you know of any EA’s that have the basics which I require? From there I could try and develop further. I am not much of a programmer but I am sure I could work it out!

Appreciate your input

lick lick :slight_smile:

Try this, Im still demoing it; so i know all ins and outs. you should do the same :wink:

ManageTPv2-4.zip (1.83 KB)