EAs on 2 MT4 platforms on the same PC

A couples of days ago I downloaded and I am using MT4 from my broker. This is a real account and I have dowloaded and use Indicators and EAs on it.

I have also dowloaded MT4 from another broker. I would like to use this one for testing purposes only (the historical data from this broker is more accurate).

The problem is: When I download an EA from the market, I am asked if I have MT4 or not. If I choose not it redirects to a download page. If I choose yes it installs the EA on the MT4 with the real account. I want to install it on the Demo though. It does not matter which one of the 2 installations is running or if they are both closed.

Any suggestions how to get around this issue?


Try to install the second MT4 in another directory. You can open them both at the same time each with a different account. Heck, you can install it on an usb stick and have it with you.

It is installed in another directory. No problem with that.
Each platform as long as it is from another broker is installed in another directory. And in most of these installations you are not asked about the directory. It is done automatically.

My problem is not how to install it.
My problem is how to install EAs on the Demo account platform.
I have these EAs on the Real account platform. How can I install them on the Demo as well?

And another thing.
If I try to install a new EA from the market. It will automatically install it on the Real account platform. The one that I have installed first on my PC. And I want it on Demo.

Open the demo MT4, go to the Market tab in the Terminal window and search for the EA you want to install. Install it and it will appear on the Navigator window under Expert Advisors => Market => Name of the EA

What Forex verified says. But if you received your indicator as a file, you place that file in the indicator directory of your demo account mt4 and install it just like you installed it in your live instance. When you don’t know which directory that is: open metaeditor -> create new expert -> when you have a new expert file -> save as and notice the directory it is refering to.

Go to your live account Mt4: File - Open Data folder and copy your Eas and indicators.

Go to your demo plataform Mt4: File - Open Data folder and paste your Eas and indicators in the correspondent folders.