Easter greetings to all

Hello everyone I am back.
I hope to be a better student this time.

Emotional control and risk-money management, first and foremost will see you through the learning process.

best of luck.

Welcome back! You’ve been a member since 2010. Would you mind sharing why did you stop studying forex?

Welcome back. :blush: What made you stop studying? But anyway, I think it’s great that you’ve decided to give it another try. :smiley: I hope this time everything will work out. :smiley:

Hard work is the key to success. Success is never possible without hard work. Trading skills should be developed through diligence. If trading skills can be developed, it is much easier to achieve success.

Acquiring trading knowledge requires a lot of research. If the research is not completed properly, it is not possible to acquire trading knowledge.

I got this job that was 16 hrs. a day, didn’t even had much time to sleep.

Thank you for the warm welcome, I was an executive driver for several years, worked long hours, didn’t have much time for anything else.

Good point Jennifer.

hmmmm that sounds like I’ll be making some mistakes. YAAAAAAHHH…

Thanks… that would be a serious challenge for me.

Oh wow. That’s really exhausting. Good luck on your new journey! Hope it is going well so far.

Thank you, enjoy your Trading Days with success.

Hello and welcome back. Hope you enjoy the learning process here. Good luck.

Thank you Vicki. Have yourself a good weekend.