Easy and conservative trading system for a beginnner

Hi all,
i am new to this, just finished babypips school and college and have read 3 books on the stuff. no I am about to decide for a trading system, a broker and a trading plan.

What easy system would you recommend to a newbie?

Thanks and greets

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Hi netz

  1. There is no such thing as an easy system.
  2. There are many simple systems available, generall the simpler kind are better for novice traders, But as all traders are different you will need to find one that suits your style. Try to avoid to many whistles and bells
  3. Most traders will advise that you trade longer time frames, do not try scalping you will get burnt!
  4. Try any system on a demo acount to see how it “feels”

best regards

I second the “trade higher time frames” when I first started out I was getting burnt trying to scalp and make a quick buck. Now I look at higher time frames and see what they give me.

As for systems, well there are plenty. A lot of systems are profitable but it’s the trader that makes the system profitable, not the system itself. People can look at the same chart and tell you tons of differing opinions, the only way to find what works for you is to try it out yourself.

agree. 1 min and 5 minute charts are trash. It should not even be placed in there. It is just funny that some people even trade from the 1 min and 5 minute charts.

There are some strategies that use smaller time frames to drill down for best entry position. However, IMHO, novices traders should avoid the temptations of these TF’s

For a newbie I would recommand EMA cross system.

It is very simple, and you can see the basic of trend. then you will start adding indicators, follow other research ect… until you find and undestood how other system work.

Developing trading plan is not a simple matter and any one can’t make system over night.As you have already completed babypips you should be more patient.First of all you have to find out or discover yourself which type of trder you are.Then select time frame then come to indicator and entry and exit point.