Easy pair to trade?

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in my previous post, i was discussing trading the gj pair, come to realize that unlocking the secret to this pair is going to be harder than i thought. It seems like you have to have a lot of capital and a lot of time, which i am more than willing to invest in. However, i was wondering while i try my hand at the gj pair on demo’s and such , i wanted to know what other pairs people were trading and what pairs people think are easier pairs to trade. I have been practicing on the gj for almost a year, and have had moderate success, but just wanted to try other pairs, just looking for others input on what they trade and how easy it is.

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well, it depends of the time you trade. I demo trade from 7pm EST to 01.00am EST, and the pairs i look for are USD/JPY an EUR/JPY.

is that the time when those markets are most volatile?

If your looking for easier pairs to trade you are looking for less volitiliaty. Which means fewer people are trading it, including large players ( banks etc…)
That is why there are the 4 majors must people trade them…

If your looking for docile pairs might try USD/CAD and AUD/USD. They are fair movers but tend to be slow movers. Which can be good for newer people ( time to think) But let your trade develop as they move slow and people get bored and give up on there trades to soon.

Also your trading time is important afternoon and evening USA time, The AUD/USD, and then after 9:00 The JPY crosses are kinda of good at times. But nothing compares when Europe and Asia , then Europe and USA are both open at same time.

Just stick with it and you will find your path… Good Trading :slight_smile:

most volatile? USD/JPY is more volatile during the overlap of european and asian market, around 2am EST. But i dont think you should trade those hours…

my trading time is 7pm to 10pm EST…my trading pair is EUR/USD.

what will be the cons/pros (trading time 7pm to 10pm EST) if i change my pair to USD/JPY?

I dont think there are any cons, unless u are a professional trader who needs more volatile. But if you are a newbie then USD/JPY at that time is ok. I dont trade EUR/USD at that time because it hardly moves, besides must of my trades last one day, so i wouldn�t have control next day when the US market opens at 8am EST…

check this out…

Forex_Traders_Cheat_Sheet.pdf (321 KB)