Easy predictable currency pairs

“Use more predictable currency pairs”, is the advice from lot of forum visitors. So I’m wondering; does such a thing as easy predictable currency pairs really exist?

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In my opinion the answer is no. There is nothing easy about forex.

You find what you look for. There is one pair that has been absolutely predictable to me. 80% of the time you can make good pips off it while using a R/R of 5 or 6.

Commodity pairs perhaps? Since they are highly correlated to price of gold, oil, geopolitical risk, risk aversion and so on. They are more likely to crash in one direction. Just my gut feel. Well, i could be wrong.

Ease of prediction (of a currency pair or in fact any chart) is best addressed by identifying and gauging trends. The most probable next price action at any point during a trend is continuation of the trend in the same direction.

Frankly, there is nothing like easy predictable currency pair! You have to do tons of hard work for being a consistent player here!

Lets not forget that there is no such thing per se as a ‘prediction’ - speculating, be it on FX pairs or any other form of financial derivative is about probabilities of being profitable. You never go into a trade with the intention to predict future movement, but rather with the anticipation that the odds are in your favour over the long term, not short term. That is after all the underlying approach to any market.

This all ties into not risking significant amounts of your bankroll so that a long term edge can materialise - what’s the point in having an edge if you lose your shirt in the short term.

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This is true.

I use the same entry signals on my trades and can never determine from the TA which will be one of the winners and which one of the losers. So they all get the same % SL, and I pyramid the winners.

But TA isn’t predicting what the MARKET WILL DO, it is predicting what I WILL DO about what the market has done.


Lol @ “do easy predictable pairs exist” followed by “I know a pair that is absolutley predictable”. Thats the fastest 180 ive ever seen on these forums.

But to answer your original question…no.
Predicting is bad policy when it comes to trading and easy doesnt exist.

Good luck and happy trading.

I don’t think that there are predictable currency pairs. After all as the market itself is so dynamic and unpredictable, you can’t foresee the movements all the time. Like RISKonFX stated, it is more about speculation and hoping that your analysis and strategy are in the right direction. So do not count on such statements for predictable pairs and so on otherwise you might be unpleasantly surprised by the end result :slight_smile:

I feel easy with major currency pairs. They are widely traded easy to predict because you daily can see how and at what trend these pairs are traded. Even low experienced traders can manage trading with these currency pairs . They had less spread , good market movement and a chance to get profit.

I respect your opinion, but I disagree 100%.

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This is true, in the sense that the major pairs are widely traded and as a result have lower transaction costs due to increased liquidity. This also roughly translates into lower indirect costs such as potential slippage, which you would expect to be greater in less traded pairs which have lower liquidity.

This isn’t true though, perhaps a comment lost in translation?

I could show you a daily chart for EUR/USD and a daily chart for Milk futures without any titles or prices, along with a few other unlabeled daily charts - it would be pure luck picking out which chart represents the major currency pair. Just because a major currency pair is classed as a ‘major’ it certainly doesn’t make it ‘easier’ to trade.

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